Norman Tenray


BIBAs 2013 Judging

Norman Tenray proudly sponsored ‘Small Business of the Year in the 2013 BIBAs.

Norman said he is expecting a strong showing from entries to the BIBAs (Be Inspired Business Awards) Small Business of the Year category, which his firm is sponsoring.

A separate panel has been selected for all 16 award categories and will begin to interview the 192 firms from across the county shortlisted for prizes.

Norman Tenray said: “Having looked at the shortlisted candidates they are all shining examples of what can be achieved in sometimes the most difficult circumstances by people with a real aspiration to improve their business and significantly contribute to the local economy.

“Judging will be difficult. Looking at the calibre of those businesses we’ll be interviewing I would say our job is going to be nigh impossible.

“However, as businesses we take difficult decisions on a daily basis – so the judging process will be no exception.”