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What makes the BIBAs different

I’ve been involved in the Be Inspired Business Awards (BIBAs) for many years, firstly as an applicant and more recently as a sponsor and judge.

I believe the BIBAs are held in the highest regard by Lancashire’s business community. It’s the envy of many businesses outside the County  that this competition is only open to businesses operating in this magnificent Red Rose County of ours. That’s because businesses that win a BIBA get much more than just a trophy. The meticulous approach of our judging process, the BIBAs Winners’ Academy and the national profile of the event means those entrepreneurs that take part in the BIBAs take their minds and business to another level.

The BIBAs is unique in a number of ways, one of the most important elements of the BIBAs is the level of academic rigour and scrutiny applied to the process to ensure the awards meet the very highest standards possible and continue to evolve every year.

My own business OBAS has benefitted tremendously from its association with the BIBAs. It has, dare I say it, become part of our business DNA. It continues to act as a catalyst to inspire confidence and trust in supporting the hard work and effort invested by everyone within and associated with the business.

The BIBAs partner with experts at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) who have continually carry out exhaustive research to bench-mark the BIBAs against a number of the world’s leading awards, the results of which are used to develop and improve the entire judging process, ensuring the decision of each judging panel offer the highest levels of integrity and structure.

Over 20 leading awards were studied across the world which were identified as the most prestigious and most credible, to include America’s leading business award The Stevie’s as well as the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the UK.

By carrying out this in-depth analysis of the application and judging processes used by the world’s leading business awards it was possible to build the most comprehensive awards process for every stage of the BIBAs for both the applicants and judges.

The LUMS team were able to then feed their research findings back into the BIBAs process to ensure the process is much more than fair, open and transparent, but a process which undeniably sets the BIBAs head and shoulders above other business awards and creates firm foundations for the future credibility of the awards.

If you excel enough to triumph at the BIBAs, you’ll be automatically enrolled onto the BIBAs Winners’ Academy. Through our partnership with the world-leading Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), the 18 BIBAs winners will be offered leadership masterclasses by some of the world’s top business leaders together with a suite of growth workshops and visits to Lancashire’s top performing companies.

The Ceremony itself is nothing you’ve ever experienced before – it is something really quite different and will certainly be a night to remember, regardless of if you are a finalist (or even better a winner).  I can guarantee your colleagues; important clients and family members will enjoy the very best in hospitality, entertainment, cuisine and production.

My tips to any business wishing to enter: YOU should:

  • * write it personally with passion
  • * think carefully about your journey during the past 12 months
  • * include the highs and lows
  • * keep the answers concise and directly relevant to the question being asked
  • * continuously review your application over a few weeks
  • * don’t leave it until the last minute,
  • * the amount of effort you invest will be clearly evident, this effort and focus will make your application stand out from the crowd.

I’ll be sharing some further hints and tips in future blogs – but in the meantime  Please feel free  to tweet or email me with any questions, ,

The deadline is the 10th April 2015. By entering you’ll be testing your business against the best. Being shortlisted will be an achievement in itself, winning will give your brand a heavyweight seal of approval.

If you’re serious about your business, give yourself the definitive test.  Good Luck

Apply for the 2015 BIBAs

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