Norman Tenray

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Who Am I


My name is Norman Tenray, I was born on 5th May 1967.

I believe life is an exciting learning process, enabling us to constantly improve, reassess and grow to achieve our potential.

Introspection and creative thought are invaluable tools within the business process, and by helping each other to see beyond the obvious, we add value to those we work with.

Development comes through questioning and challenging the structures and procedures we operate in. If someone is asking “Is there a better way to do this?”, then there generally is.

This focus on openness, respect and autonomous thinking is the most effective way to improve a business, an individual and a community.

How individuals interact within the people around them is crucial to this process and creates an environment conducive to freedom of expression and collective problem solving.

Ethical and responsible behaviour matters and if we do the right things, in the right ways, people will trust us, giving others the confidence to work with and invest in us which is good for our long-term growth and development.

Nothing is Impossible